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added autojoin patch for ii

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+diff -r 1584832e6f96 ii.c
+--- a/ii.c	Mon Jun 01 13:39:01 2009 +0200
++++ b/ii.c	Fri Jun 25 21:19:39 2010 -0700
+@@ -211,6 +211,7 @@
+ 	if(strstr(buf, server)) channel="";
+ 	create_filepath(outfile, sizeof(outfile), channel, "out");
+ 	if(!(out = fopen(outfile, "a"))) return;
++	if(channel && channel[0]) add_channel(channel);
+ 	strftime(buft, sizeof(buft), "%F %R", localtime(&t));
+ 	fprintf(out, "%s %s\n", buft, buf);
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