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more comments in config.def.h

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File config.def.h

  * the channel name, 'out' for the out file and 'in' for the in fifo. If you
  * want to do something more complicated, write a script to put in your path and
  * execute (as with, or hack away in here.
+ *
+ * These are just a few examples, and I trust that you can figure out how to do
+ * other stuff. Of note, pcw decides when to run the command based on the
+ * status of the last command it ran for a given 'path'. If the child is still
+ * alive it will not run the command again (helpful for open terminals). This
+ * does mean however that some ideas won't work out of the box, for instance
+ * using urxvtc or screen.
 void win_cmd(char *path, char *channel, char *out, char *in, char *nick)
  * default...
  * char *cmd[] = { "urxvt", "-title", path, "-e", "cw", out, in, NULL };
- *
  * Use this if you want colors and bell on your nick. You can first edit
  * to change the nick if you don't want to use -n nick every time,
  * then place it in your path. It is not installed by default.
  * If you want the lines to wrap back to the end of the nicks instead of all
  * the way to the beginning of the terminal try one of these. Read the man page
  * to understand the margin argument, but in short it should be '>' for default
- * ii and '|' with my patch
+ * ii and '|' with the emg patch
  * char *cmd[] = { "urxvt", "-title", path, "-e", "srw", "-p", prompt, "", "-i", out, "-o", in, "-m", ">", "-n", nick, NULL };
  * char *cmd[] = { "urxvt", "-title", path, "-e", "srw", "-p", prompt, "", "-i", out, "-o", in, "-m", "|", "-n", nick, NULL };
  * char *cmd[] = { "urxvt", "-title", path, "-e", "srw", "-p", prompt, "cw", out, in, ">", NULL };