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remove color 14, match nick_ as well as nick

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 				echo "FAILED: timeout"
-			echo "$cmd" > "$PREFIX/$serv/$fifo"
+			echo "$cmd" > "$PREFIX/$serv/$fifo" # another possible problem point, if fifo somehow doesn't exist now
 			echo "OK"
 		done >> "$PREFIX/$serv/log" 2>&1 & # background so we can start ii


 # NOTE: make sure you have a 256 color terminal, or change these options
 # to find out which colors are readable...
 # for i in {0..255}; do echo $(tput setaf $i) $i foobar baz qux; done
-colors=({9..11} {13..14} {26..51} {62..87} 99 {105..123} {130..159} {165..231})
+colors=({9..11} 13 {29..51} {62..87} 99 {105..123} {130..159} {165..231})
 declare -A color_cache
 reset="$(tput sgr0)"
 set_format() {
 	if [ "$*" = "-!-" ]; then
-	elif [ "$*" = "$NICK" ]; then
+	elif [ "${*%_}" = "$NICK" ]; then
 	elif [ -n "${color_cache["$*"]}" ]; then
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