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mention torify, change which -> type

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 # performed in serial, and each block runs in parallel. I do not do any error
 # checking for you, so don't screw up the format. I never claimed this was
 # pretty, just that it works for me :-)
+# Adding 'torify' to the beginning of the line will torify the ii instance.
 # For example, my $SERVERS file (nick and pass changed of course)
 # <start of $SERVERS>
-# -n mynick
+# torify -n mynick
 # nickserv/in identify mypass w
 # in /j #ii
 # in /j #suckless
 } >> "$LOG" 2>&1
 # not inside ^that block because it needs to be run in the background
-which pcw > /dev/null 2>&1 && pcw "$PREFIX" >> "$LOG" 2>&1 &
+type pcw > /dev/null 2>&1 && pcw "$PREFIX" >> "$LOG" 2>&1 &
 while read line; do
 	if [ "${line%% *}" = "torify" ]; then
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