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use extglob to remove all trailing underscores from a nick before deciding color

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 # NOTE: make sure you have a 256 color terminal, or change these options
 # to find out which colors are readable...
 set_format() {
-	if [ -n "${color_cache["${*%_}"]}" ]; then
-		format=${color_cache["${*%_}"]}
+	if [ -n "${color_cache["$*"]}" ]; then
+		format=${color_cache["$*"]}
 		chksm="$(echo "$*" | cksum | sed "s/^0\+//; s/ .*$//")"
 		chksm=$((chksm % ${#colors[@]}))
-	set_format "$nick"
+	# remove all trailing underscores so nicks foo and foo_ are the same color
+	# if extglob is not set, no harm done, just doesn't remove the underscores
+	set_format "${nick%%+(_)}"
 	nick=$(printf "%s%${PAD}s%s |%s" "$format" "$nick" "$reset" "$format")
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