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+pcw extras
+Read servers, nicks, and commands from a file (defaults to ~/irc/servers),
+start ii for each server/nick combo, run the commands, if ii exits with status
+2 (means timeout, must patch your ii to do this, check ../patches), repeat.
+Log everything in /path/to/irc/log and /path/to/irc/each_server/log. Check the
+script for an explanation of the 'servers' file.
+To use place somehwere in your $PATH, edit the PREFIX, SERVERS, and LOG
+settings to your liking, and write yourself a $SERVERS file. Running
+    chat.sh
+should kill any leftover pcw instances running on the same $PREFIX, then start
+each ii instance for you.
+Highlights the date time and nick at the beginning of each line, highlights and
+bells on your nick, supplies cw with a 'margin' argument to wrap text back to
+the end of a user's nick instead of the beginning of a terminal.
+To use place somewhere in your $PATH, edit the NICK= and colors if you like,
+and choose a command for your config.h that uses cw_color.sh
+I would recommend against using this one as it doesn't really work yet, but
+feel free to try it or hack away at it. The general idea is to put the 10 most
+recent messages in dzen, when you click one it opens a terminal for that
+To use place somehwere in your $PATH and choose a command for your config.h
+that uses pcw_notify.sh. Make sure you have dzen2 installed.

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+ii patches
+at least one of these patches is needed for ii to work with pcw
+When a user messages you or you are made to join a channel (as with bitlbee),
+ii will automatically join so there is no need to either `$ echo "/j channel > in"`
+or `$ echo "/j user message" > in`
+before you can start sending messages.
+By default to PRIVMSG a user you need to `/j user message`, this patch makes
+`message` optional. It also displays "-!- yournick has joined user" prior to
+any messages both when you `/j user` and when a user messages you, and
+incorporates the autojoin patch, so you do not need to `/j user` first to talk
+to someone who has already messaged you.
+Everything that I've added to my own ii including joinuser, exec, action, nick
+alignment a few fixes, and probably more to come. If you want this, you can
+also just
+	hg clone http://bitbucket.org/emg/ii-emg
+	cd ii-emg
+	hg up emg
+and work from there.