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ignore SIGHUP so we don't die when the window is closed without a proper detach (and survive logouts) and sleep briefly to make sure tmux has actually started up (need a better fix than that)

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 DELAY=5 # seconds to wait when we get a "w"
+trap "" HUP
 if ! tmux -L "$TITLE" list-sessions | grep -q "^$TITLE"; then
 	tmux -L "$TITLE" new-session -d -s "$TITLE"
+	sleep .1
 				echo "FAILED: timeout"
-			echo "$cmd" > "$PREFIX/$serv/$fifo" # another possible problem point, if fifo somehow doesn't exist now
+			echo "$cmd" > "$PREFIX/$serv/$fifo"
 			echo "OK"
 		done >> "$PREFIX/$serv/log" 2>&1 & # background so we can start ii
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