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pcw extras

Read servers, nicks, and commands from a file (defaults to ~/irc/servers),
start ii for each server/nick combo, run the commands, if ii exits with status
2 (means timeout, must patch your ii to do this, check ../patches), repeat.
Log everything in /path/to/irc/log and /path/to/irc/each_server/log. Check the
script for an explanation of the 'servers' file.

To use place somehwere in your $PATH, edit the PREFIX, SERVERS, and LOG
settings to your liking, and write yourself a $SERVERS file. Running


should kill any leftover pcw instances running on the same $PREFIX, then start
each ii instance for you.

Highlights the date time and nick at the beginning of each line, highlights and
bells on your nick, supplies cw with a 'margin' argument to wrap text back to
the end of a user's nick instead of the beginning of a terminal.

To use place somewhere in your $PATH, edit the NICK= and colors if you like,
and choose a command for your config.h that uses cw_color.sh

I would recommend against using this one as it doesn't really work yet, but
feel free to try it or hack away at it. The general idea is to put the 10 most
recent messages in dzen, when you click one it opens a terminal for that

To use place somehwere in your $PATH and choose a command for your config.h
that uses pcw_notify.sh. Make sure you have dzen2 installed.
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