pcw / config.def.h

 * This defines the command to run when you join a new channel or a new message comes in.
 * Use paths[wd] for the path to the channel's directory, channel for the channel name
 * (actually it's "name> " so it can be used as a prompt for srw), out for the out file
 * and in for the in fifo. If you want to do something more complicated, write a script to
 * put in your path and execute. For example, I replace cw with a script that calls cw but
 * pipes the output through sed for colors and bell on my nick so urxvt sets the urgent hint.

#define CMD { "urxvt", "-title", paths[wd], "-e", "srw", "-p", channel, "cw", out, in, NULL }

 * Use this if you want colors and bell on your nick. You must first edit to change the
 * nick, and then place it in your path. It is not installed by default.
//#define CMD { "urxvt", "-title", paths[wd], "-e", "srw", "-p", channel, "", out, in, NULL }