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sed - Minimally POSIX compliant sed
sed is an attempt to create a sed that is strictly POSIX compliant, without any
extensions. As such sed does a number of things that are rather annoying and
no sensible person would appreciate. These annoyances include:
  - 8192 byte pattern and hold space (overflow is truncated)
  - maximum of 10 wfiles (w command, s command's w flag)
  - maximum LINE_MAX bytes per line (all input and output, overflow is truncated)
  - maximum 8 byte label names (overflow is truncated)
  - labels and wfiles are read to end of line (including spaces and semicolons)
  - enforce one command per line inside {}
  - enforce } alone on line
  - ... (what else?)

sed complies (as far as I can tell) to:
  - c11
  - POSIX.1-2008

Check the TODO file to see what is still not implemented