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 .B srw
 .RB [ \-p
 .IR prompt ]
-.RB [ \-P
-.IR scrollprompt ]
 .RB [ \-v ]
 .IR cmd
 .RI [ args... ]
 .BI \-p " prompt"
 lets you override the default prompt (>)
-.BI \-P " scrollprompt"
-lets you override the default prompt used when text has scrolled off the screen (<)
 .BI \-v
 prints version information and exits
+So far the left and right arrow keys and unix keyboard shortcuts (^U, ^W, ^H, ^A, ^E) work.  Delete, Home, End and anything else do not work.
 Copyright \(co 2010 by Evan Gates <evan.gates (at) gmail (dot) com>