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add ^L to send SIGWINCH to child process group (redraw cw)

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 Copyright \(co 2010 by Evan Gates <evan.gates (at) gmail (dot) com>
-.BI ii (1),
-.BI pcw (1)
+.BR ii (1),
+.BR pcw (1),
+.BR sic (1)
 #define cursor_clr()  printf("\033[J")
 #define cursor_beg()  printf("\033[1G")
 #define cursor_fwd(n) printf("\033[%dC", MAX(1, (n)))
+#define cursor_org()  printf("\033[1;1H")
 char  buf[4096], usrbuf[4096];
 char  scrl_prompt_left[]  = "<";
 						 len -= cur - i;
 						 cur = i;
+					case CTRL('l') :
+						 cursor_org();
+						 cursor_clr();
+						 fflush(stdout);
+						 kill(-child, SIGWINCH);
+						 break;
 					default :
 						 if (cur != len)
 							 shift_buf(usrbuf, cur, len, 1);
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