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add SIGCONT handler so we have the right settings

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 int mfd;
 pid_t child;
+struct termios set;
 void usage(void)
 	printf("Usage: srw [-p prompt] cmd [args]...\n");
+void sigcont(int unused)
+	tcsetattr(0, TCSANOW, &set);
 void sigchld(int unused)
 	pid_t pid;
 int main(int argc, char **argv)
-	struct termios set;
 	int i;
 	for (i = 1; i < argc; i++) {
 	if (signal(SIGCHLD, sigchld) == SIG_ERR)
 		err(1, "failed to install SIGCHLD handler");
+	if (signal(SIGCONT, sigcont) == SIG_ERR)
+		err(1, "failed to install SIGCONT handler");
 	if ((child = forkpty(&mfd, NULL, &set, NULL)) == 0) { //child
 		execvp(argv[i], &argv[i]);
 		err(1, "failed execvp %s", argv[i]);
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