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-# angular-seed — the seed for AngularJS apps
+# MBTI Matrix
+A flexible MBTI calculator
-This project is an application skeleton for a typical [AngularJS](http://angularjs.org/) web app.
-You can use it to quickly bootstrap your angular webapp projects and dev environment for these
-The seed contains AngularJS libraries, test libraries and a bunch of scripts all preconfigured for
-instant web development gratification. Just clone the repo (or download the zip/tarball), start up
-our (or your) webserver and you are ready to develop and test your application.
-The seed app doesn't do much, just shows how to wire two controllers and views together. You can
-check it out by opening app/index.html in your browser (might not work file `file://` scheme in
-certain browsers, see note below).
-_Note: While angular is client-side-only technology and it's possible to create angular webapps that
-don't require a backend server at all, we recommend hosting the project files using a local
-webserver during development to avoid issues with security restrictions (sandbox) in browsers. The
-sandbox implementation varies between browsers, but quite often prevents things like cookies, xhr,
-etc to function properly when an html page is opened via `file://` scheme instead of `http://`._
-## How to use angular-seed
-Clone the angular-seed repository and start hacking...
-### Running the app during development
-You can pick one of these options:
-* serve this repository with your webserver
-* install node.js and run `scripts/web-server.js`
-Then navigate your browser to `http://localhost:<port>/app/index.html` to see the app running in
-your browser.
-### Running the app in production
-This really depends on how complex is your app and the overall infrastructure of your system, but
-the general rule is that all you need in production are all the files under the `app/` directory.
-Everything else should be omitted.
-Angular apps are really just a bunch of static html, css and js files that just need to be hosted
-somewhere, where they can be accessed by browsers.
-If your Angular app is talking to the backend server via xhr or other means, you need to figure
-out what is the best way to host the static files to comply with the same origin policy if
-applicable. Usually this is done by hosting the files by the backend server or through
-reverse-proxying the backend server(s) and a webserver(s).
-### Running unit tests
-We recommend using [jasmine](http://pivotal.github.com/jasmine/) and
-[Karma](http://karma-runner.github.io) for your unit tests/specs, but you are free
-to use whatever works for you.
-Requires [node.js](http://nodejs.org/), Karma (`sudo npm install -g karma`) and a local
-or remote browser.
-* start `scripts/test.sh` (on windows: `scripts\test.bat`)
-  * a browser will start and connect to the Karma server (Chrome is default browser, others can be captured by loading the same url as the one in Chrome or by changing the `config/karma.conf.js` file)
-* to run or re-run tests just change any of your source or test javascript files
-### End to end testing
-We recommend using [protractor](https://github.com/angular/protractor) for end-to-end tests. It
-uses native events and has special features for Angular applications.
-Requires a webserver, node.js + `./scripts/web-server.js` or your backend server that hosts the angular static files.
-* create your end-to-end tests in `test/e2e/scenarios.js`
-* serve your project directory with your http/backend server or node.js + `scripts/web-server.js`
-* to run:
-  * run the tests from console with [Protractor](https://github.com/angular/protractor) via
-    `scripts/e2e-test.sh` (on windows: `scripts\e2e-test.bat`)
-### Continuous Integration
-CloudBees have provided a CI/deployment setup:
-<a href="https://grandcentral.cloudbees.com/?CB_clickstart=https://raw.github.com/CloudBees-community/angular-js-clickstart/master/clickstart.json"><img src="https://d3ko533tu1ozfq.cloudfront.net/clickstart/deployInstantly.png"/></a>
-If you run this, you will get a cloned version of this repo to start working on in a private git repo, 
-along with a CI service (in Jenkins) hosted that will run unit and end to end tests in both Firefox and Chrome.
-### Receiving updates from upstream
-When we upgrade angular-seed's repo with newer angular or testing library code, you can just
-fetch the changes and merge them into your project with git.
+## Current Status
+Spun off of the angular seed project
+Attempting to get basic layout going in partials/matrix.html and js/controllers.js > matrixController
 ## Directory Layout