Bryan O'Sullivan avatar Bryan O'Sullivan committed f20aef7

Get the .cabal file closer to being ready to release.

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     A fast parser combinator library, aimed particularly at dealing
     efficiently with network protocols and complicated text/binary
     file formats.
+    benchmarks/Makefile
+    benchmarks/Tiny.hs
+    benchmarks/med.txt.bz2
+    tests/Makefile
+    tests/QC.hs
+    tests/QCSupport.hs
+    tests/TestFastSet.hs
+    examples/Makefile
+    examples/Parsec_RFC2616.hs
+    examples/RFC2616.hs
+    examples/TestRFC2616.hs
+    examples/rfc2616.c
 flag split-base
 flag applicative-in-base
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