SMCR - View Task Assessment Changes

Issue #1018 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

There are a number of changes to this form if isSMCR …

1. Change label to “View Warranty Task”

2. Change to “F&P Activity” - remove “Add”

3. Change Task Name to “Identified Issue”

4. Remove “Priority”

5. Add the ability to add uploads (this can apply to non-SMCR too.)

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  1. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter

    A couple of changes:


    If isSMCR then change Status of the tasks to:

    Not Started = Issue Identified

    Deferred = Referred to Another

    In Progress = Outstanding Issue

    Completed = Resolved

    2) This is not just an SMCR task but across all versions - if a task is set to Completed/Resolved then the Priority level is set to zero

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