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Lasma Ulge created an issue

I have created new quiz layout Emil please check and if you like it assign to Kaspars

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  1. Lasma Ulge reporter

    Also would be nice if quiz (white field and feedback) would be 0 X and Y of the ID same as video narrator - so as it is now would be 0 on x and y

    Only image may have other value depends on position on screen x and y and also content text

    Also there is 13/25 maybe we could have this as how many Questions this quiz have (25 - for example) and how far you are in (13 - for example) - Emil what you think ?

    And progress bar can be thinner and just solid blue

    also BG behind the quiz can be 95% alpha

    Feedback 80% alpha #0b4183 no shadow

    Oh and we need a bit of BG under question #edf1f2 no alpha

    this is how it will look with no title - do we need question title at all Emil ??

    If the question is longer - look at 2 nd image - question field gets bigger

    Make sure green accept and next button is always on top layer so nothing prevents it from being clicked

    New correct and wrong replacing old big circles at the sides same functionality as old ones

  2. Emil Reisser-Weston

    Agree with feedback (including removing the title). I would just add one thing..

    Give the Question (1 in image above) - a x and y value so we can move it up (defaults to the current setting for all existing quizzes) - this will give us even more room for answers.

    I would also ask that - because of mobile devices - we make the answers easier to select (make the gaps between answers larger and make the whole text selectable - not just the checboxes).

    Also when a single selection is necessary it should be a radiobutton - multiple selections are checkboxes.

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