SMCR 4 Individual Sign Off (Status = Completed AND isSelfAttested = False )

Issue #1057 closed
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

After all F&P Activities are completed, when a staff member logs in - if a Certification Staff Member or Senior Manager then they should see a button by the “Self Attestation:” (new caption) sign off. Once Self-Attestation = True then the Edit button is no longer visible.

Pressing the Edit button produces this screen below (the text from this disclaimer is pasted below) ...

I confirm that:

1. I am in compliance with the Individual Conduct Rules set out in the COCON section of the FCA Handbook.

2. I am not subject to any action taken by an authority or regulator that brings into question my conduct, my reputation or my financial soundness.

3. I have not breached and/or am not in breach of any internal policy or procedure and am not subject to any disciplinary action.

4. I have notified the firm of any matter which is or could be relevant to the firm’s or any appropriate regulator’s assessment of my fitness and propriety.

5. I meet the required standards of fitness and propriety for my function.

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