Replace the Reactive Trainer/Lesson Planner menu

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Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

This is confusing for the user - my fault


Instead can be have the following...

(use Open Elms Pro logo) e-Learning Management System This system deals with the display, management and reporting on e-learning tasks only.

(use Open Elms Pro logo with the letters TMS) Training Management System The Training Management System covers learning in your organisation including e-learning, classroom, coaching and other electronic learning resources.

(use the Apprentix logo) Apprentice Management System (beta version) This system deals with all learning associated with the new Apprentice Standards, learning can be managed against the requirements for each standard.

The first link shows lessons and learning resources BUT filters only the e-learning.

The second link shows lessons and learning resources

The third link is not active BUT we do need to show something by the 24th June on it.

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