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Issue #338 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

Capture.JPG Change "Manage Learners" to "Manage Learning". Change "Settings" to "System Setup"

Capture9.JPG Can we enlarge the text font of these headers by 2pts without increasing the size of this panel (i.e. decrease vertical margin by 2pts). Can also the font colour match the accent colour of the tabs? Change "Manage Learners - Manage the learners under your control. Why not alert them of training they need to do by sending automated email?" - Change to "Manage Learning - Manage the learning across your organisation. For instance consider alerting learners of training they need to do by sending them an automated email alert?

Capture2.JPG I don't like the way the page refreshes - looks blocky. Can we instead have the white area always down to the bottom of the page as indicated below - ask me if need clarification. can we have a consistent loading icon throughout as well (should be centered) - if Lasma can build something lets discuss - would be good to know the options...

Capture3.jpg Can we change this button to "Close" in all cases

Capture4.jpg It seems you need to press this link for the screen contents to show on first visit - same with settings too etc. Can it automatically select the first options etc.

Above can we change these labels from "Apprenticeships" to "Learning Programmes" (on the tab and the breadcrumb - add the AP logo to Learning Programmes tab) "Apprenticeships" to "Learning Programmes / e-Portfolios" (on the title of the second panel) The other tab should remain as "Learning Resources" - can we keep these labels for the "Manage Learning", "Learning Library" and "Reports" and above the 1st filter box "Apprenticeship Standard:" to "Learning Programme:" Also change "Standard" on the table header to "Programme"

Capture6.JPG On this screen above - can we change "e-Portfolios" to "Learning Programmes" "Standards" to "Programmes" and the button [+Add Standard] to [+Add Programme] and [+Import Standard] to [Import Programme]

On this screen can we again change the tabs to "Learning Resources" and "Learning Programmes". Can we get this interface looking like it is working with the dropdown box displaying instead of "report 1..." the titles of the correct reports "Learning Performance", "Task Assessment Report", "Training Impact", "Training Schedule", "Feedback".

Can we add a help option here - I will provide a simple video for each of these help elements.

Capture8.JPG Would it be possible to have the "Learning Programmes" tab to appear first for Apprentix versions only as well?

Capture.JPG Can we add the facebook and Google login functionality to the login screen.

Also can we scale the help video so it is not larger than the visible screen height and have the Help panel to the left (note the title is always called "Help" and NOT "Help Panel". We will need a link somewhere (in video control preferably else a link called "Open video tour in new tab" at the end of the help text.

Capture12.JPG Can we change these labels 1) Learning Programmes (Apprenticeships, ESFA, ESF, Adult Skills, Education Qualifications etc.) 2) show outcomes or hide outcomes 3) show criteria or hide criteria 4) "Below is list of Outcomes assigned to current user, you can view the progress of each outcome and its constituent criteria below. Selecting the checkbox against the outcomes will display (in the table at the bottom of the screen) the learning progress against the criteria and current status of each." 5) "Programme's Start Date (adjusting this date will change the expected completion dates and expected finish date accordingly.) 6) Programme Duration

Carousel buttons can be added at the end - not urgent.

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  1. Lauris Mikulans

    First image - change labels of icons - done.
    Second image - change size of heading and text - done.
    Third image - Loading - done.
    Fourth image - Close button - done.
    Fifth image - sometimes page does not load properly - done(maybe).
    Sixth image - Change first 3 pages tabs the same (Learning Resources and Learning Programmes) - partially done, reports are not finished.
    Seventh image - add help for settings/learning - done.
    Eight image - Move "Learning Programmes" as first tab - done.
    Ninth image - Add google/Facebook log-in buttons - done.
    Tenth Image/block - done.

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