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Issue #387 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

Currently we need to add branding and room files etc one by one into SCORMDATA folders. I know we did to a batch version in the old version to do this - perhaps we can use the code again.

Need to add here 2 new options ...


call the first ...

Update e-learning engine Adds latest e-learning updates to e-learning supplied by e-Learning WMB.

This updates the course folders from e-Learning WMB with all files minus the quizxml.xml imsmanifest.xml, intro.swf, /docs, /images, /swf, /video and /xml to /www/demo/src/public/api/data/Sample course

Can we also add a batch file to copy these updated files to the /openlms/courses folder on the server and show Lasma how to use it (she will need to add to procedures manual) - also needed on old Websites server (ftp.cluster005.ovh.net) to copy to "/openlms/courses" location.

And the second ... Update branding Application will loop all e-learning courses supplied by e-Learning WMB and copy over client branding. Note branded files need to be first copied to the installation's /src/public/api/data/Sample course folder.

Files to copy are intro.swf and /images/thumbs/1.jpg

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  1. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter

    Make a note to enhance "Update Branding" at a later stage so user can upload intro.swf, 1.jpg themselves. Also add the upload of the png logo and background images.

    This is not so urgent.

  2. Lauris Mikulans

    Implemented. Now branding can be used to update intro.swf, thumbnail, login background image and logo file. Engine also will update all installed resources and sample course.

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