Text Label translations need to apply to menus

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Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

As you can see from the screenshot - this does not apply to the menu. It should also apply to any captions in the system (circled in red).


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  1. i v

    I've thoroughly updated the translation system. The translations are now handled online (the changes are not written to the html files). The html tpls are parsed so that the translation process doesn't affect tag attributes and angularJS expressions (this allows to process the tpls safely and at the same time not to have to update all the existing templates). There are a few cases, when the labels have to be applied to tag attributes though (for example the 'confirm' attribute for text prompts elements). I've also made sure the translation applies to page names and menu elements. There could be some other database entries, which need to be translated - they should be amended one by one using \APP\Templates::getTranslator()->replaceLabels("text to be translated").

    The updated labels (i.e. translation service) is still not committed to the master branch (it is in the branch 'labels') but it is applied to the demo site to test.

  2. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter

    Can you:

    1) Add a delete button to the interface and .. 2) The caption at the top has not been translated. Does it only translate whole fields? I am OK with this - just need to know.


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