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Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

We need to add the functionality to make configurable the registration fields either visible or non-mandatory (other than the mandatory ones not pointed to below ..)


In System Settings > Defaults > Registration options we should have the options to

  1. Select any of the following as either Visible and Mandatory
  2. Move the allowRegistration option here (currently in the System Setup)
  3. Have the option to "Seek telephone permission in line with GDPR", "Seek email permission in line with GDPR" and "Seek SMS permission in line with GDPR" & have a privacy notice.

"Registering on this system allows you to access a wealth of learning from e-Learning WMB. By providing your details you agree to be contacted by the system with email alerts and notifications, these will not be commercial in nature and are necessary for the smooth running of the system.

You can also receive information about new courses and any updates to the system. If you would like to receive such information please click below to opt in:"

We need to add these fields to the user table (not editable by the administrators) so we can use these to filter the export/email a marketing list from the system. In other Words add filters here for - "Commercial permission to email", "Commercial permission to phone" and "Commercial permission to SMS"

  1. Can we add an option also to edit this field ... Capture.JPG

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