$19c Learner Interface Change

Issue #537 new
Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

The primary change here is to add a new alert system to the interface.

Can we change this icon to a calendar ...


And we need to add an animated bell icon here - this animates when updates have been applied - number not needed - the most important thing is that it moves.


When clicked this should open up a modal window ...


These Types of Learning Resources: Add Evidence, Classroom, On the Job Training, Blog Entry, Book/CD, DVD, Webpage

Where the Learning Resource is Not Completed AND

Where they have EITHER ... Added a comment

Changed Status

Signed Off or Not Signed Off

Set up a Meeting

The filter drop-down box contains:

Since logging in

Last week

Last month

Last 3 months

Once any of the items has been edited by the learner in any way - then they are removed from this list.

Does this make sense?