Importing pfp database into new lms

Issue #54 resolved
i v created an issue

The task is to import a snapshot of PfP (Place for people) database into the new LMS. I have imported the data locally on my PC, but I am having troubles importing it in the OVH MySql server. A new mysql database has been created:

database name: newlms_pfp
host: re34255-001.privatesql
username: newlms_pfp
password: dj240Shd34

The schema is already imported. The data to be imported is /home/elearninut/lms/db/ The problem is that the file is too big and the mysql connection dies away. I tried both PhpMyAdmin and using a console mysql client through ssh. The solution is to split the file into several files (perhaps 10 of them). There are a couple of utilities on the Internet which can do the job.

When done, it will make sense to test all reports, charts, etc to make sure they work properly using large amounts of data.

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