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Issue #557 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

Distributor Interface Distributors should have their own type of Jackdaw site - you can change this by adding a new "Jackdaw Cloud role type" called "Distributor" at the end of this list ...


The distributor has a number of changes to their interface.

Firstly the menu changes as below (use standard glyicons for " glyphicon glyphicon-search" and "glyphicon glyphicon-download-alt".

The "Preview/Edit" allows access as per for the standard Jackdaw User as shown EXCEPT the Due Tasks is removed.


Change buttons to say "Edit" and "Preview".


The Distribute button should lead to this screen (a replication of the admin screen.) Rather than showing 10 rows at a time, can we show all learning and allow the user to scroll down? Also do make this in black to match the stylesheet used elsewhere in the Jackdaw user interface.


Can you change the label (in Admin as "Containers" to "e-Learning Distribution" since does not tell the user what this does)


The heading on this page should say "e-Learning Distribution List"


and also add the caption ...

"Distribute a SCORM file for each e-learning course to run on third party Learning Management Systems. Our technology allows you to keep track on how many people are accessing the e-learning AND edit the course using Jackdaw Cloud."

Demo User Interface We should be able to activate on an installation a isDemoAccess boolean (an addition to the Configuration options). This will allow any user to access to a site without registering.

They will see the standard site with all courses (as per the Jackdaw/Distributor user) - i.e. see all courses assigned to him. BUT when running a course it runs outside SCORM - so says its a demo after 6 screens etc. When this is active a link should be added to the login screen saying - "Click here to preview learning"


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  1. Lauris Mikulans

    For demo version to work, will introduce new role "Demo", it will have a check "is_demo". And then that role can be assigned to user.
    User can have resources assigned to him or automatically everything can be assigned to him(I advise against assigning everything to user).
    User will have no permissions to save anything, except some session data that is needed for system to work.
    Demo button in login interface will auto-log in the user.

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