Issue #618 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

The start date in the individual learner view is causing a few problems


(see attached - start date edit) - when editing this date it seems ok for a bit and then reverts to today's date? He has gone in a few times to change this and each time it reverts back to today, rather than the edited date


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  1. Andrew Howie

    Also everytime it resets to today’s date, it adds more progress reviews automatically - there are now over 100 assigned for each learner...

  2. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter

    Hi Lauris - please confirm this makes sense. Please can we remove this button ...


    When the Start Date has been changed - on selecting a new start date (if possible else on Saving the Programme) a message needs to appear saying...

    "You have changed the start date of your course. Do you wish to reassign all dates in your learning programme to match and delete and reset future review meetings in line with this revised time?"

    Once done it then does the same function as pressing this button did.

  3. Lauris Mikulans

    Resetting date issue is still not reproducible.
    Implemented duration calculation to take into account result/resource duration then SCORM track.
    Removed reassign button, was confusing.

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