#1 Making System to fit with Qualifications

Issue #623 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

There are a few steps to do this ..

1 Add Type field to uploads.


  • Observation in the Workplace
  • Professional Discussion
  • Witness Testimony
  • Case Study
  • Evidence of Prior Learning
  • Workplace Project
  • Examples of work gathered
  • Other

2 Making Working Hours Editable This field should be editable (do still have the initial amount calculated by the system)


3 Adding Qualification When adding a Programme add a dropdown box to select

  • Standards
  • Frameworks
  • Qualifications

If a Framework or Qualification is selected then the interface should look like this ...


Note change the caption "Reference Code" for all Standards, Frameworks and Qualifications.

  1. When adding a qualification or framework the structure should get an extra level.


At this level a Guidance text box is added to the issue ...


  1. Automatically add 2 Empty Evidence Learning Resources entitled "Evidence Learning #1" and "Evidence Learning #2" to each bottom level of the tree structure whenever one is added (Learning Resources are only added at this bottom level).

These learning resources will get the Guidance added to the empty descriptions when saved. As shown...


Such Evidence learning resources are only used here and do not need to be saved to the library.

Comments (15)

  1. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter

    Yes please - hide just if it is evidence Learning Resources like this for Qualifications

  2. Lauris Mikulans

    What if I have 10 sub-criteria and in total user now as 10x resources named: "Evidence Learning #1" and 2.
    Should there be more distinct naming schema involved?

  3. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter

    can all items on the same level be the same colour - so "Note Taking" in this case should be white


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