Previous Year UKPRN Not a mandatory field

Issue #626 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

Issue 1 UKPRN in Previous Year not Mandatory

UKPRN as mandatory field but this is not the case (client checked).


Issue 2 RHG Consult Site not Saving ILR Submissions

On the RHG Consult site when entering an ILR from scratch the system did not give any details on the error so could not submit.

I have tested logging in to create site and worked fine ...


But as admin_rhgconsult, RHGC0nsult to - as you can see from the screenshot it asks you to Correct the errors but does not say where. Identical data for both sites.


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  1. Lauris Mikulans

    "UKPRN in previous year" Field was saving as 0 if empty and that was throwing error next time user was saved.
    Updated "rhgconsult" with fix for that.

    Looking into other issues with saving ILR profile.

  2. Lauris Mikulans

    For admin, phone number was incorrectly formatted, by fixing it, I could save user.

    Yes, error reporting could be more intuitive to present errors better! Someday!

  3. Lauris Mikulans

    In case of "UKPRN in previous year" error, empty field and save.
    If more error warning are shown, scroll down and check, other fields may contain error, they will be highlighted.

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