ILR LRS New Return Code - RC013 (Learner's outside of the permitted age range)

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LRS is introducing a new return code known as ‘RC013 – Learner(s) outside of permitted age range’. This code will be presented when a learner submitted in a batch file doesn’t meet the threshold. The ULN is required for learners aged between 13 and 110. Currently, learners outside of the permitted age range are captured under the code ‘RC011-Incorrect Format’, which is a combination of different exceptions. RC011 will remain a valid return code for other exceptions, but the intention with RC013 is to give users more granular information to identify when a record has failed because it doesn’t meet the age threshold.

RC013 goes live on the 17th July, but will only be displayed on the LRS Organisation Portal. Web Service users will continue to receive RC011 for learners outside of the permitted age range to avoid any breaking changes.

Key Information

Valid DoB

If you receive an RC013, but the DoB submitted is valid and the learner needs to be registered, please contact the LRS Service Desk for further instructions.

Invalid DoB

If the DoB submitted was invalid, please correct the information through the ‘Exceptions Process’ by logging into the portal. Please refer to the reference guides on Gov.UK that provide more information on how to manage and resolve all your exceptions: “How to prepare an LRB batch file” and “LRB managing exceptions user guide”:

Web Service Users

For web service users submitting via batch:

· All web services will continue to identify records not meeting the age criteria using the RC011 return code.

Portal Users

· The Job Details page will now display ‘RC013 - Learner(s) outside of permitted age range’

· The output file from any batch files (loaded via web services or the portal) will contain an RC013

· You can also filter by RC013 exceptions on the “Exceptions” page on the portal.

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