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Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

Dashboards - if defined will load in to the users starting screen once they have logged in replacing this one ...


We need to add System Setup > Defaults > Dashboard . This enables the manager or admin user to define a number of dashboards to be used on the system. Dashboards are listed in the system setup (list dashboards here with columns for Name Role Job


Editing or adding a new dashboard produces this screen.


A dashboard can only be assigned to one role or Job at a time (check to see if this is the case before saving. you can save a dashboard without a role/job assigned to it though). If a role/job is already assigned give the warning message "A dashboard is already assigned to the selected role/job. You will need to unassigned the role/job from the other dashboard before it can be assigned." - Pressing OK closes the dashboard editing and saves the dashboard with a blank Role or Job assigned.)

We will need to populate the system with predefined Statistics and Data View widgets which the administrator can select to be added to each role type. Certain Data widgets are only available for certain data. Try to stick with pie charts (not donut charts as shown) and bar graphs where more appropriate).

There are 3 types of version of the program: defined by isOpenElms, isApprentix and isSMCR. If some of the Statstics apply only to these versions - it will be listed as such below.

Statistics include ...

  • Total Learners
  • Total Learning Hours
  • Total Resources Completed
  • Total Resources in Progress
  • Total Resources Not Started

isApprentix only

  • Total Programmes Completed
  • Total Programmes in Progress
  • Total Programmes Not Started

isSMCR only

  • Total Learners Completed #
  • Total Learners in Progress #
  • Total Learners Not Started #
  • Total Learners Not Assigned #

Note for last 4 bullet points: A new feature is that learners now have statuses - this is for the SMCR version. Database has the data for these fields.

Data View includes
* Learning Progress (Completed, Not Started, In Progress)

isApprentix only

isSMCR only

  • Senior Manager Functions (Not Assigned, Assigned, Rejected, Accepted)

  • Senior Manager Responsibilities (Not Assigned, Assigned, Rejected, Accepted)

  • Certification Staff Functions (Not Assigned, Assigned, Rejected, Accepted)

  • Overall Compliance Functions (Not Assigned, Assigned, Rejected, Accepted)

  • Progress by SMCR Role (Senior Managers, Certfiication Staff and Conduct Rules Staff (other)).

  • Committees (>1 Member Short, 1 Member Short, Full) - as yet not in DB

  • Responsibilities Map (2x2)

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