$001 Add option to make Administrative Paperwork completion mandatory

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Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

Firstly add to the System Setup > Defaults > Configuration the ability to edit a key called allowAdminMandatory - which can turn this functionality on/off.


If set to true (default to false) then can we add a checkbox here called "Make Mandatory before ILR can be defined" - this is enabled only if Add "Administration Paperwork" outcome is checked.


Once checked then clicking on this button ...


... IF the Adminsitration Paperwork is not complete says "You need to complete the Administration Paperwork section of the learner's programme on " + nameofprogramme + "before the ILR can be edited and submitted."

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  1. Andrew Howie

    It's a good point - it's becoming more and more rare to have 2 x Standards assigned to one person - they may have another qualification attached but they shouldn't have 2 x standards...

    Can we have it so you can disable this in the learner file - so if they do have 2 x standards there is the option to disable 1 so it doesn't affect the warning?

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