#3 QA Tab for Manager Apprentix

Issue #655 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

Can we combine these two tables...


And replace the second tab with a new one called QA (now in the second position on the menu - make text say "These issues have been reviewed by a Quality Assessor and require attention". This lists all Learning Resources which have isQA set to true and the Status is In Progress. Columns are

Date Due
QA Type (QA Report/Learning Resource)

The "Status" filter should default to "In Progress". The manager needs to set the status again to "Completed" for it to go back to the QA.

The number of "In Progress" Reports and Learning Resources in this list appears in the red circle on the "QA" button in the toolbar.

Learning Resources When the manager goes to sign off any of these learning resources they are faced with this interface ...


Signing off this learning resource sets the Status again to "Completed" (Note the "Favourite" checkbox is not enabled.)

QA Reports Similarly QA Reports need to be signed off by the Manager. Clicking on any QA report allows the manager to sign off the report and set the status to "Completed"


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  1. Lauris Mikulans

    I think we handled QA reports with this:
    In issue: https://bitbucket.org/emilrw/scormdata/issues/428/qa-review-notification

    Approve and Manage Booking will be as one list, but there will be option to filter either.
    OR have Approve list load as default and have sub groups where "Approve"/"Manage Booking" can be selected.

    Then I need to create new tab with rejected resources list.
    When QA rejects resource, it gets flagged and set back to "in progress" state.
    Manager will see it in list and need to "Sign Off" again to clear it.
    QA then can check/filter signed off rejected resources and approve or reject again.

  2. Lauris Mikulans

    I am stuck with this, not finished today.
    I starting to understand why this is not working.

    This is that resource and review is from different tables with different structure and I need to put data together properly and make it searchable.
    Hassle, but doable.

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