$3 Add QA Reject and Accept icons to Trainee Interface

Issue #690 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

Anything that has been checked or rejected by the QA .. (e.g. as below)


It should also be visible in the programme details interface as below ..


Should have an icon added here in the trainee interface and a filter too in the search bar (isApprentix only functionality) ...


Can the icons look something like this - let me know if you want me to search envato elements


Make the first icon hand green and the second red

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  1. Andrew Howie

    Hi Emil

    We don’t need the icons on the learner view (only on the learner file in admin/coach/iqa views)...

    Comments or work assessed by IQA should only be seen by the Coach (manager) of the learner...maybe add as a config option for clients who want this but generally IQA stuff is hidden to learners...



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