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Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

Add a Category to the configuration - so going forward - a drop down box can select a configuration category here and it will list those options under that category.


They are sorted under ...

New Users
Allow Registration
Default role for registered user
Refresh training when resource completed not first assigned.
Default Username label on login screen.
Show social log-in buttons on log-in page.

ILR Settings
Default role for imported ILR users
Default UKPRN
Default UKPRN in previous year
Learner Reference Number iteration.
Learner Reference number first part.
Training/work ratio
Allow Learner Edit ILR

Send refresh learning e-mails
Any email labels to be used as Constants in emails surrounded by "%%"

Learner Options
Allow Learner to refresh Learning
Allow Learner to add Blog Entry.

LMS Properties
Enable API for site.
Allow SCORM Container to be played
Demo User Interface
Demo User ID
Mandatory duration (what does this do btw? asks Emil)
School Field

also should there be an [+Add Configuration] button - is it not only used in-house by ourselves?

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