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Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

The Skills Scan needs to be added to the toolbar for various roles.

Coach/Trainer "Skill Scan Review learner progress."

This should be at the beginning as the first menu item for the coach trainer Capture.JPG

Quality Assessor "Skill Scan Review overall learner progress."

This should be the last item in the menu Capture.JPG

The design of the Skill Scan details should look like this ...


ALl skills scans are normal e-learning resources with a refresher date and a question where Question Type = "skillscan". You will find Skill Scans in the create site > Admin > Learning Library > Learning Resources - search for "Skills Scan " and you will find a series of them.

The First and Last score = 100 x ( the total scores on all questions / total number of questions x max score (4))

When clicking on the eye link it will show the details of the last skills scan. Initially can you just load in the last skills scan ...


Eventually we can include a graph which will enable us to go back to previous skills scans in the system - I think we should wait for Ivan to investigate using Google Charts control before implementing this ...


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  1. Lauris Mikulans

    Skill scan will look for tasks against specific learning resource.
    Any question answered with type "exam" will be counted towards percentage here.
    Each question can have max score of 4.
    If 4 questions then 16 score is 100%.

    Look for fist task and last task.

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