Courses are not completing

Issue #773 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

A new build of the site at (admin_newcastle OvO5n5rgy-tbc) cannot complete courses created in a certain version of Jackdaw (or so it seems).

For instance this course works fine ...

But this one does not compete ...

See below - I did notice something strange that the feedback to the user is not visible BUT the course marks correctly (there are 5 questions in the course BUT it only counts 3.)


Repeating the course - lowering the passmark or changing it so that you do not need to pass the course to complete the e-learning both have no effect - the course still remains as "Not Completed"

lauris has had a look and thinks it might be something with data not being passed to scorm tables, somehow but is unsure.

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  1. i v

    I've checked course 1003. Tho things: it usses assessment but doesn't submit the assessment (the problem we discussed with Kaspars). Second, the course is set to complete normally (I tested it).

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