32 Click through on Dashboards (SMCR)

Issue #785 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

Although not just an SMCR issue - this is pressing for SMCR

Currently clicking on a dashboard graph should only filter via the manager login (clicking on the graphs as an admin etc leads to a blank screen).


Can you check the role type and if not a manager then

a) if that role has a Manager role type as well (e.g. In this case below the Super Admin also has a SMCR Manager role - aka Coach/Trainer) then change the role to SMCR Manager and click through to the stats.


b) If that role has no access to the Manager functionality (i.e. the Super Admin does not have access for the SMCR Manager or Coach Trainer etc) then we remove the click through functionality on the chart.

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  1. i v

    I've fixed then dashboard so that if a widget points to a page, which can't be displayed, the link doesn't work . I've NOT implemented the changing the role to SMCR Manager if current has a Manager role. Perhaps I should leave this to Lauris, I will need some time to get the logic of shadow roles. Lauris, you can do this in CustomDashboard.js, function clickChart()/setGroup.

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