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Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

1 Change section called “Timings” to “Timings and Scores”

2 Can we add a fields section title called Programme Data and include:

Programme (standard, qualification)

Apprenticeship Standard Code of the ILR

Completion (%)

Completion Status

Has Administration Paperwork been Completed

Planned End Date

QA (renamed to “Worked checked by QA”

Start Date

Time Spent (hours) - rename to "Time Worked (hours)

Visit Date

Visit Status

Visit Type

  1. Leave the rest of the fields as they are
  2. Can we add another field below the "Programme Data" category called "Time on Programme (days)" - which is the number of days on the programme.

Also add another field called "On Schedule (hours)" and display the hours ahead or behind (minus number) schedule.

Can we add to Programme Data - the Gateway readiness fields too please.

3 Change section called “Student Data” to “”Personal Information”

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