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We have a project coming up to move a moodle installation to ours. As we are getting into the education market we do need to get a query put together to do this so it can be an easy process in future.

Can you install Moodle and create a query to move the data to Open Elms. Open Elms was originally built from a Moodle platform so there should be similarities.

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  1. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter

    OK I have done some reading but rather than replicate work I think it best to take over this from here.

    Rather than importing data directly from Moodle, we should consider instead integrating an LRS.

    A LRS is a data format standard which can be read and written to using the Tin Can API. This will mean that our LMS will be able to read data from any LMS or indeed any other system which writes to the LRS.

    There are a few things to investigate:

    1) Can we implement our own LRS - OPen Source ones exist.

    2) Can we automate the export from Moodle to the LRS (I have seen mention of a Moodle LRS - but no details)

    3) Can we import data from the LRS to Open Elms

    4) Can we export data from Open Elms to the LRS

    5) Can we use Tin Can API to keep the LRS up to date

    Steps 2 and 3 are the most urgent. Thought this would be a better step and more useful in the long term.

    Good to hear your thoughts.


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