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Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

There are a number of QA changes to simplify the process...

1) Add a filters here For Coach/Trainer and Programme called "Filter records per" "Coach Trainer" (single select drop down list box) "Learning Programme" (single select drop list box). Apply this to all tabs.


2) Add columns in this table as follows: Learner, Programme, and at the end Last Updated (is it possible to add "Date Created"?


Tabs should be the same in the QA Reports tab


3) Remove the toolbar buttons On the screenshot below - ignore for now the Skills Scan chart (I need to review this and we can save to do later) but replace with a table just showing the QA Reports only (not ad the QA Status in a column) also use just one button called Add QA Report - clicking on this will go to add the QA report directly.


The report when added should have an editable QA Status as shown which must be selected (See a QA Report is automatically displayed).

The Report Status will go to "Not Started" (this is not editable by the QA.)

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  1. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter

    1) QA Reports

    Currently selecting a report ...


    Goes to this screen.


    We do not want this as this functionality is for the Manager only. Can we instead make the system go straight into editing the QA Report (same as pressing the Edit Entry in the screenshot above.


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