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Issue #830 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

The dashboard control is not elegant and sometimes gets hidden. I propose a new solution. The accordian control (I think it is called) does not fit into the design well.


What would be better is for the system to check IF the user has either more than one role type assigned. If it does then the home button should be added to the left of the coloured Manage, Review button(s). Button should be black and white and glyth like.


If the user has a dashboard assigned to it then a dashboard icon should be displayed.


Pressing each will remove completely the interface or overlay it.

With regard to which screens to display ...


  • If the Dashboard is saved as Maximised - then the Dashboard is opened by default.

  • Otherwise if more than one role then open the Home screen (with multiple role options) by default

  • Else just show the Manage Learning screen.

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  1. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter
    • changed status to open

    Ivan added code to the dashboard that would limit the key to one column so that charts would not disappear - this is from the demo site...


    This has been removed after the change ...


  2. Lauris Mikulans

    Fixed, I accidentally had used code from simmons-dashboard branch where I potentially broke this piece of code.

    Updated Create site.

  3. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter
    • changed status to open

    Clicking on this button takes you to the same screen - this is confusing. Instead of going to home can this link go to Manage Learning for each person.


  4. Lauris Mikulans

    Done. Create site updated.

    Now while on main role and multiple roles available, go to role selection page(or chart page, depending on priority.).
    If roles are switched, go to manage learning page.

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