Changes to Financial Auditor

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Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

There are two main changes we need.

Additional Reports Can we first add a radio button to all reports to say "Make this report visible to All Managers Financial Auditors" (FInancial Auditors is only listed if isApprentixVersion.


Then only list the selected reports here (also sort this list alphabetically)


We need to add 2 financial reports to this list (apart from Cost Manager) ...

1) Cost Analysis (rename to "Learner Payments")

i) Can we first add "Aim Sequence Number" to the filter fields (will be needed for the Learner Status report anyway.

ii) Can we also add to the report field the Range Payment (i.e. payments made in the "Active Date Range").

iii) Call the column "Cost" - "Total"


2) Learner Status This shows ILR Functing values per learner per period. This report should show the data per

2) Learner Status

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