$ 14 Add Actual Cost Field for Financial Auditor

Issue #837 open
Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

Currently this field calculates the Standard Cost from the standard cost for this apprenticeship from official government figures HOWVER this is another cost - the Actual Cost.


We should add another column here called 1 Standard 2 Actual

Actual cost is calculated by the total number of cost elements here added together in the ILR (note that there can be more than one financial record and these amounts need to be added together) ...


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  1. Lauris Mikulans

    Implemented, Create site updated.
    Standard reference number("ST111" - number part) must match StdCode in Learning Delivery entry for this to work.
    Each time user data is updated, cost is recalculated.

  2. Andrew Howie

    We may need to think about this a little more - in the attached example the standard cost is showing how much has been drawn down so far from the learners attachment to our programme on the system (where the funding band is attached) - the actual cost is correctly showing the full amount entered in the ILR in the financial record (the total amount combined from 2 financial records). However, this is confusing and i'm not sure we've labelled correctly - maybe re-label as (standard cost = ongoing cost) - (Actual Cost = Total from financial record)? Happy to discuss though...Costs.JPG

  3. Andrew Howie

    Yes - much better. One more thought - the 'Revenue to Date' is taking the cost from our system (programme set up) and the 'Predicted Total' is taking the information generated from the ILR...will this be a problem? The 'Revenue to Date' should automatically stop according to the 'Planned End Date' in the ILR....at the moment i'm not 100% sure when this field stops generating figures? In this example from the Bauer site, these learners have stopped their learning (and the funding band is 12k) but the figures are still going up...Bauercosts.JPG

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