Issue #842 resolved
Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

can we include these fields in the reports from the ILR in the report and filter fields. Make the dropdown selection fields as filter fields only.

Also do make sure the Aim Refrerence shows the Aim description as outlined in "$13 Auto completion of Learning aim"





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  1. Emil Reisser-Weston reporter

    Further fields to add to reports for Filter and Reporting:

    Adult (19+)

    This Boolean type field should list anyone who is an adult at the start of the date range or if no date range then on the date of the printing of the report (this is calculated from the birth date and is >=19)


    This Boolean type field should list anyone who (if unfunded) has a "learning actual end date" defined above (two screenshots upwards) that is PAST today's date AND (there is no "Achievement Date" defined OR the "Achievement Date" is later the "learning actual end date").


  2. Lauris Mikulans

    Add fields:

    • Aim type - ADDED
    • Learning start date - ADDED - is called "Planned Start Date on the ILR".
    • Aim sequence number - ADDED
    • Learning planned end date - ADDED - is called "Planned End Date on the ILR".
    • Learning aim reference - ADDED - is called "Learning Aim Reference Number"
    • Programme type - ADDED
    • Funding model - ADDED
    • Apprenticeship standard code - ADDED - is called "Apprenticeship Standard Code on the ILR"
    • Delivery location postcode - ADDED
    • Framework code - ADDED
    • Subcontracted or partnership UKPRN - ADDED
    • Funding adjustment for prior learning - ADDED
    • Apprenticeship pathway - ADDED
    • End point assessment organisation - ADDED
    • Original learning start date - ADDED
    • Other funding adjustment - ADDED
  3. Lauris Mikulans

    Learning End Information

    • Completion status - ADDED - is called "Learning End - Completion status"
    • Learning actual end date - ADDED - is called "Learning End - Actual end date"
    • Outcome - ADDED - is called "Learning End - Outcome"
    • Withdrawal reason - ADDED - is called "Learning End - Withdrawal reason"
    • Achievement date - ADDED - is called "Learning End - Achievement date"

    Apprenticeship Financial Records

    • Apprenticeship financial type - ADDED
    • Apprenticeship financial code - ADDED
    • Apprenticeship financial record date - ADDED
    • Apprenticeship financial amount - ADDED


    • Adult (19+) - ADDED
    • Funded - ADDED
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