Quiz Correct/Incorrect indicator is not tracking

Issue #852 resolved
Lauris Mikulans
created an issue

This is 7 question quiz, only few answers are tacked.


Also, you made changes to "fs_scorm.js" a while ago, after that quizzes stopped being recorded, so I reverted back to previous edit, maybe related?

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  1. Kaspars Jaudzems

    The problem here is that QuestionType is not set for questions... but I can change it so that it inherits the type from Quiz node.

    Did you create this quiz with Jackdaw or manually?

  2. Lauris Mikulans reporter

    Thanks, will test it. There was also a problem where completed results where reset to "in progress" when doing quiz again. Will test it and if encountered, will create new issue.

  3. Lauris Mikulans reporter

    Updated to newest version.
    After opening course, first quiz counter is correct, when pressing "retake", counter breaks.

    This quiz has 7 questions, image indicated that only 4 has been done.
    Your fix assumes QuestionType from Quiz node? Capture.PNG

  4. Lauris Mikulans reporter

    More or less the same bug, check video "2019-03-14 15-12-04.mkv". When you take quiz and fail, clicking "RETAKE" and taking quiz again will show wrong correct/incorrect numbers.

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