2-Uni-Saving Batch Reports and Emails

Issue #856 new
Emil Reisser-Weston
created an issue

Reports and Emails which repeat should be Saved as Batch Reports/Batch Emails.

Pressing the report button in 1.jpg...

Will lead to the new screen (as shown in 2.jpg). Follow the email functionality but include the title and description in the report print out. When the [Print] button is pressed this report is saved.

The same things needs to happen to emails - when this button is pressed the same report is saved with the Subject and Description at the top of the report.

These Print and Email reports are then listed as Batch Reports (see 4.jpg - for new button which now appears on interface) - accessible in a table from pressing the [Batch Report] button. Pressing this button displays the 3.jpg interface - only the date range filter is needed here. The [Action} button option on these are Print Report (reproduces the report), Edit (edits the Title and Description) and Delete. The data from these reports should be saved so the entire report can be reproduced.

If a batch report has not be viewed then it remains as an outstanding item as shown. Once printed then it is no longer included in this count - see 4.jpg Batch emails are ran automatically so the user does not get an alert.