Set up Administrative Assistant Role

Issue #891 resolved
Andrew Howie created an issue

We need the function to define an Administrator role so that in some cases, an admin assistant can access certain elements of the Administrator role BUT not all of them. Current function means that if Administrator is checked, they access everything….need an option to define certain access.

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  1. Emil Reisser-Weston

    DOes it not do this - by taking away permissions from a customised ADministrator role?


  2. Andrew Howie reporter

    No, the system set up icon is defaulted to remain on an admin role - you can’t remove this by changing the permissions.

    As it is, if the administrator role is checked in role set up, you can’t create different admin permissions. Basically you get all or nothing.

  3. Andrew Howie reporter

    Can we add an option so that when an administrator role logs in, they don’t see or have access to all roles.

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