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Emil Reisser-Weston created an issue

The rest API is activated in the System Setup > Defaults > Configuration - add an option for “Power BI”

When selected you can choose whether isPowerBI = True/False (defaults to false)

If True then cannot be saved unless the following are saved …

Version =

Organisation/Groups/GroupID =

Examples of how the Rest API is eventually accessed is visible below.

Export to Power BI should be accessed here with a new button …

This will lead to this screen which has the following changes …

1. This caption is “Dataset”
2. Description is removed
3. This caption is changed to “Select the type of export” - 2 options in list “Continuously updated” and “One time snapshot”

After that use the PUT/Import function to send the data (either one off or a live link using a regular CRON task) directly to PowerBI.

Error capturing will be needed etc.

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