Explanation of the module's contents

This module includes four files:

  1. build_eplus_v2.m: Constructs an EnergyPlus file for parametric runs using Rheinfelden_Template_Simplified.idf as a basis

  2. run_eplus.m: Executes a batch run of the constructed EnergyPlus model.

  3. Rheinfelden_Template_Simplified.idf: A template EnergyPlus model of a hypothetical 3 occupant, 100m2 structure in the Rheinfelden municipality of Switzerland, represented as a simple single zone structure connected with a heat network. build_eplus_v2.m populates this file with occupancy and thermal setpoint data in the form of parametric objects.

  4. Rheinfelden.epw: A weather file for the Rheinfelden municipality of Switzerland, which serves as input to the above IDF file.

The files above require Matlab and EnergyPlus to run.